What is The Importance of Attending Marketing Events? Should ‘I’ be attending?

I have been asked this question many times and the simple answer is YES!!! I will explain to you my reasons for this.
How I look at it is we need to attend events, conferences, seminars, workshops and masterminds because the marketing and the internet is always rapidly changing. Things are evolving at such a speed that we need all the training we can possibly get. Firstly I know that some of these events can be quite expensive and this did put me off, but it was while I was speaking to one of my first coaches that I realised why I should go. She suggested that I gave it a go, when I asked why her response was “We pay for further education, so what’s the difference?” We pay to learn, listen and talk to people that have the advice we need. So really these events and the education we gain are priceless for what we get out of them to help us to reach our goals. Education plays such an important role in our own individual success. With internet marketing we need to grow and open our minds to new ideas, new methods and new ways of learning effective online network solutions to help our business’s work and grow.

I didn’t realise the importance of social proof and so I didn’t take any pictures or videos at my first few events. I have more than made up for that mistake at all the recent event and masterminds that I have now attended. You need proof to show that you have made the conscious decision to attend the event and so, people can see that you are serious and position yourself as someone that can help others. If you are brand new to this industry then even more reason to go to events, whatever business you are in. Here’s why:


Below is a Picture of Mark Hoverson and myself, I made the decision to go to an event in San Diego (I had never been to America before, and I had never been to a major event before, and I didn’t really have the money, but I made a decision and went). If you don’t know who Mark is… then go research him. He’s earned over $20,000,000.00 online. Can you now see how I can leverage this picture because I am with a millionaire marketer?

These events are extremely appropriate in a time where people do not have much spare time to read books and research these subjects. The speakers at these events specialize in these individual topics. They have already learned and made it in lots of different internet marketing businesses. From the events that I personally have attended, I was completely shocked at the wealth of knowledge given by these speakers. I sponged so much information in just a couple of days that I came away feeling rich…..rich with education.
You have to remember that it is more than just an event. The benefits of attending these marketing seminars is an important opportunity in achieving success. Events allow like-minded individuals to meet one another and to have the same interests, concerns and questions as yourself. I have had concerns about one of my business’s before. I went to a seminar and met someone who had had the same concerns a couple of weeks previous. We spoke and he gave me advice on what I should do. This was invaluable help that I received and boy he was correct in what he told me J

A fantastic event can be a life changing event. You can expect to learn and have many doors opened for you. Which in turn helps you to get one step closer to reaching your goals.
I have been extremely lucky to have been to quite a few events. I have even travelled to San Diego which was a fantastic opportunity for me. Last year I attended Shaqir Hussyin’s Traffic Millionaire Summit. Recently I attended Shaqir’s $20,000.00 Inner Circle Mastermind. I was completely blown away with what I learned from him and not only that but the help I can have from his team. Again this is priceless to have in this industry.

Events are great for meeting people who love internet marketing. The people at these events can and will play a huge role for you to create your own success. To take these opportunities and to run with them. You have to remember that the people who you surround yourself with will always play a big part in your success. If you surround yourself with negative people then they will only pull you down and make you start to lose belief in yourself and your abilities. If on the other hand you surround yourself with like-minded people who are successful and who motivate you, inspire you and believe in you, then the world is your oyster and the internet is all yours to work. It’s not all about earning big money, it’s also about building long term friendships with positive people who have the same interests as you. The big money you make is just an added bonus.

I will be honest and tell you that I have tried my hand at a few different internet marketing businesses. Some have been profitable and some not so. This can knock your confidence and lower your belief in the industry and in yourself. I find that by attending these events builds me up. This whole internet business can be hard and completely ball breaking, but if you find your niche then go for it, I have!
I strongly believe that I am where I am today because I attended events, because I don’t give up and because I push myself to make things happen. My point is that by attending these networking events is a must and it is absolutely priceless.
So my last words are GO TO THESE EVENTS!!! Listen, learn, and do, then teach!
These events I have attended and people I have had the pleasure of meeting have played a massive role in my journey to my own success.
Good Luck
Simon Drage

Founder of



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